Top 5 funniest things on the internet

Here are my top 5 funniest things on the internet in case you missed any of them.  Some of them never get old no matter how many times I see them.

#1 Ironic Photos

truck fire

ironicnfun-wcth01 24hour ironicnfun-wcth09 knock

See more here ironic photos here 

#2 Funny Text Messages – there are so many but this is my all time favorite

mom text

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#3 Internet fails / You had 1 job

you-had-one-job13__605you-had-one-job24__605 stop

See more you had one job fails here 

#4 Worlds toughest job – with a twist at the end

#5 Messing with People when they post ads


I like the 10 formal complaints and working out with Jeff ones as well but the cat one is by far the most popular.  See the full page here 

And bonus #6: Elephant ‘takes selfie’ with dropped mobile phone – I mostly like this one because of the British humor in the article.


Read the full story here



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